December 5, 2019

How to Fix iPhone 6/6s(Plus) Home Button Not Working

“iPhone 6 home button not working?” “iPhone 6s home button not working?” “iPhone 6 plus home button not working?” iPhone is a great device when it comes to smartphones and also one of the most famous. There would be nobody that does not know about the iPhone. iPhone’s are built strong and with a premium finish, with maximum focus on […]
December 4, 2019

How to Fix iPhone X/XR/XS(Max) Black Screen and Won’t Turn On

While the iPhone X, XS, XR, X Max are come up with various features, they have a few weaknesses. At the point when your iPhone X black screen appears and it will not power on. This might be because of system error or damaged hardware. The black screen on your iPhone X/XS/XR(Max) is the exact opposite thing you want to […]
December 3, 2019

How to Fix iPhone iMessages/Text Messages Out of Order

iMessage is a product made by Apple and is arguably the best App for messaging on both Mac and iOS devices. This App allows for a creative, free, and fast sending of messages, both multimedia, and text, between Mac and iOS devices. Unfortunately, users have complained of having iMessages out of order while using the App on iPhone. iPhone messages […]
November 26, 2019

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Red Battery Screen While Charging

iPhone is without a doubt one of the best selling smartphones in the world. The kind of experience one gets from the operating system in the iPhone is incomparable. The biggest reason for the popularity of an iPhone is due to the IOS environment it provides, that connects multiple devices and syncs the data across it. Although being one of […]
August 12, 2018

How to Fix iPhone Error 9 (iTunes Update or Restore Error)

With a gadget you sliced out a price worth the king’s ransom to obtain, you absolutely expect to always experience smooth performance. However, like any other smartphone, this is not the case. There are several drawbacks associated with their usage. iPhone Error 9 is one of the impediment you come across due to either software or hardware failure. Whichever the […]
July 31, 2018

How to Fix White Screen of Death on iPhone X/8/7/6s Plus

Having a smartphone in this contemporary world is no more surprise. However, you have come across common hitches like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi failures which you can manage confidently. Even with your priceless iPhone experiencing a glitch is not an exception. This includes a frightful iPhone white screen of death which deprives ability to operate your iPhone on its screen. Unlike […]
July 30, 2018

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Updating iCloud Settings

For those who value and constantly use iPhone, you probably know how iOS update notifications chips in time to time. Now think of a scenario where you are updating your iOS settings and out of nowhere your iPhone screen get stuck simply displaying “Updating iCloud Settings”. This is definitely a disgusting experience. Nevertheless, several other compromise options would be crucial […]
July 29, 2018

How to fix iPhone Stuck on Charging Screen

Apple iPhone devices are absolutely precious gadgets you are in possession of. With their noble feature of amazing seamless performances, however, like any other device there are some conundrum associated with them. Among this unfortunate situation is your iPhone stuck on red battery charging screen or iPhone won’t turn on stuck on charging screen. This problem will tender your iPhone […]
July 21, 2018

How to Fix an iPhone Stuck on Verifying Update

Has your iPhone stuck on verifying update screen and you do not know to fix it? Well, this is a common issue with iPhone users when trying to update their iOS device. This then should not worry you but instead you need to learn how to fix it as described in this article. What is the “Verifying Update” on iPhone […]